Monday, June 1

When Should You Hire a Software Development Company?

Once of the main decisions that you will be wrestling with when planning major software development projects is whether to hire a software development company. Software development outsourcing is a trending practice amongst many companies that may not have the in-house talent to execute large software development projects or those which are looking for ways to cut down on costs.

During the planning stage for the software development outsourcing, you need decide whether outsourcing is right for you in the first place. But this is just the first phase in the long cycle of software development. There is the launching of the software after the development, maintenance of the software and the improvement of the software in order to meet the business objectives.

So is software development outsourcing a good option for your business? Should you build an in-house technical development team to work in your premises or should you entrust the whole development process to an outside software development company which is probably situated offshore? In the applications development planning environment, this is typically known as the “build or buy” dilemma.

Most companies will realize that there are significant advantages which come with outsourcing software development when this is done right. While there are various pros and cons which are associated with outsourcing your software development, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Here are circumstances in the business environment where you should strongly consider outsourcing your software development process:-

Where Time is Critical

Timing is one of the most critical factors influencing software outsourcing and development. In the applications market, the speed with which you launch a software tool to the market will make the difference between success and failure. It can mean winning or losing your market. Generally, hiring and building an in-house technical team to manage your software development takes time and it will even take a longer time to find the right people with the right talents that can work as a unit. The application development companies have, however, done the hard part in building solid development teams and can thus carry out quick execution of the projects and ready your apps for the market in no time.

When you outsource your software development to the right people, you will be able to gain access to top quality and highly experienced teams that are now used to working together as a team and who can apply best practices to roll your products to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

You are well equipped Vertically but Handicapped Horizontally

Some companies have very deep insight into the industry in which they are operating. They have market knowledge and know the trends but they lack the programming expertise and design skills to implement their vision for the market. In such an instance, it may be advisable to hire a technical partner to assist you in converting your ideas into a robust software tool. You will need a technical partner capable of understanding the larger context of things and translating this in the development process with some accuracy.

You have the team but lack the bandwidth

In some instances, you may have the right concept and a good team, but you lack the resources to execute the software development. Instead of sitting on a high potential concept while waiting to build your resources, it is more prudent to outsource the software development to a company that has the resources to launch the software development right away.