Wedding photography is a distinct art

It is a fact that photography is an art and it may be appropriate to call wedding photography as a distinct art. After conclusion of that wonderful event when everyone in the wedding party has left, what you have with you are those wedding photos. Perhaps, this highlights the importance of wedding photography, and hence, the need to look for professional wedding photographers Geelong market has today.

Knowledge of events:

The wedding photo is intended to immortalize that wonderful event. Then it also means that the photographers Geelong has should have enough knowledge of every important event of a wedding. This enables the photographer to capture every unique moment at the wedding.


The effectiveness of photographers geelong market has is dependent not only on his knowledge of the unique features available on the camera he has, but also on his ability to capture those wonderful moments. With his experience, he must be able to comprehend the next important event in the wedding.  Therefore, one of the important features of a wedding photographer is his forethought, and he must also be shrewd.

The important features of wedding photography Melbourne offers could be further discussed as follows:

Pre-wedding photos: As you know, on the day of the wedding, both bride and groom would be surrounded by friends and relatives. Therefore, the couple may not be able to pose for a photograph. The ideal alternative would be that just a few days before the wedding, the photographer should take them to some exclusive locations where they can pose with full heart. That would be an excellent opportunity for the photographer to capture those wonderful moments.

Close interaction: At least few days before the wedding, the wedding photographers Melbourne has should interact with the couple and parents of the couple. In fact, some of the wedding photographers even give a questionnaire to the couple. By this, he will come to know of the important events at the wedding, and also the likes and dislikes of the couple. This enables him to effectively plan his photography.

Discuss the events: There are some important events, like, for example, exchange of rings, cutting the cake, walking down the aisle or some traditional rituals which a photographer should never miss. Therefore, it is appropriate that photographer should meet some of the elders in the wedding group beforehand and discuss those important events.

Location: The photographer should be at the venue much before the guests arrive. He must ensure that the location is appropriately prepared for the photography. If any changes are needed, he must inform the event managers so that he will have enough time to attend to such issues. Perhaps, if necessary, the photographer should be one of those last to leave the venue. For more information visit Trevor Cooke Photography

Wedding and commercial photography:

Some event managers suggest that the photographer should have a second photographer with him. This will ensure that no important event goes without being photographed. It is also said that a successful commercial photographer Geelong residents recommend can be a successful wedding photographer too. This is because, some of the elements like capturing those expressions and the exclusive stage settings are akin to both wedding and commercial photography.