Top Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Online Food Ordering

Technology has changed everyone’s way of life. Ordering basic necessities like food is now a click away. One example is the recent success story of Foodem when it launched its new platform and $600,000 angel funding investment. If you plan to build your own startup business, think of an idea that will easily attract investors like Brian Gaister to provide your company with angel funding.

Brian Gaister


When Foodem first launched its beta app in November 2010, it only caters to local restaurants, mid-sized distributors, local farms and food manufacturers. Positive feedback from key clients like chefs, select restaurateurs, and restaurant managers has prompted Foodem’s CEO and founder Kash Rehman to expand Foodem’s platform, making sure to implement enhanced features. You can read about the recent Foodem news at for more details.

When planning to have your own online food distribution business, you can create your own Foodem platform like what CEO and founder Kash Rehman did or connect with Foodem directly so your clients can have more options to choose from. Before you talk to an angel investor like Brian Gaister regarding your proposed online food distribution business, make sure to find out the type of food that most consumers buy. You can also check for top reasons why some consumers prefer online food ordering compared to visiting actual diners to have a meal.

Online Menus are Easier to Navigate

One advantage of an online menu is its ease of access. No need to flip large hardbound menu covers just to select a meal. It would even save you on printing costs if your menu is posted online for consumers to browse. Even if they might not immediately buy anything, knowing about your food choices will give them an idea about your price range and make any comparison.

Drives More Revenue

There is a reason why investors like Brian Gaister will turn their heads your way when you consider food and water startup business. They would even be more interested if you provide your consumers with the means to order online. If clients do not feel pressured to wrap up their order in favour of other customers waiting in line, they are more inclined to explore other food choices and end up spending more than when they order through phones or in person.

Improved Order Accuracy

No need to worry about giving the wrong product to clients because of one of your staff has a hearing problem or if the phone line is suddenly choppy. Online orders allow consumers to review their order before the payment is made. This way, they can clearly read their order in the comforts of their own homes or offices, without having to deal with unentertaining staff or dealing with long lines at restaurants. Foodem’s CEO and founder definitely had this in mind when he developed Foodem 2.0 platform. You can visit if you want to know more about its humble beginning before it secured a 600K angel fund.

The above are just a few advantages of having an online food distribution business. You can check out more tips online or visit to know more about how Foodem worked with local farms, mid-size food distributors, restaurants and food manufacturers before it became a large-scale industry.

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