Learn Common Problems Your Roof May Develop

The roof appears very attractive when it is newly installed. However, most homeowners tend to forget the benefits of proper roof maintenance. This may be because the roof is up there thus they do not realize when it starts to develop problems. Unforeseen or obvious roof problems are a great expense to the owner. Knowing the common roof problems can help you know when you need PMC Roof repairs in PerthBelow are some of the problems.

Roof Leak

Leakage on any type of a roof is an indication of an underlying problem requiring immediate repairs. In most cases, leaks occur due to poorly fastened flashing details, mostly during installation, leading to leaking at the flashing. Also, they can occur when a single ply membrane roof is installed with faulty seems.  Having good seams with a singled ply is important to avoid the membranes from holding water.

Blow Offs

Improperly installed flashing does not only cause leaking roof, but where roofs with poorly attached flashing may have open laps and seems, which may lead to code issues, puncture resistance, and blow-offs.

“Ponding” Water

Another major and common problem that affects all type of roof is incidental” ponding” water. If you get rid of the water the roof may work well. To avoid this kind of a problem, roofing contractors should add a slope with tapered crickets or insulation while designing the roof. If this does not happen during designing, you will have a problem of “ponding “water.

Improper Repairs

While doing PMC Roof repairs in Perth, the roofing experts should use the intended material for use in the type of roof they are repairing. Using the wrong material can cause your roof permanent damage.  Again, using improper techniques to repair the roof only makes the problem worse.


Different types of roof are unique in their own way. Some roof types such as EPDM roofs are more vulnerable to shrinking. The most common shrinkage signs are evident when flashing starts pulling off as the field, membrane shrinks. There may also be surface cracking and crazing of uncured membrane usually used at penetration flashing and at perimeter.


Splitting, ridging surface erosion, and blistering are an indication of a roof problem that can lead to serious problem. It is not very important to fix blisters, but a big blister should be attended to. In most cases blistering occurs due to insufficient attachment of overheated bituminous roof system. Dry laps are also cited as a major cause of blisters.


You can reduce roof problems significantly if you maintain your roof in the right way.  You do not have to be roof experts to maintain your roof. Inspecting your roof regularly for any leaks or blistering is a simple procedure that does not require specialized skills.

Ensuring proper roof installation, consistent roof maintenance and detecting roof problems before they get out of hand, through regular inspections can help reduce PMC Roof repairs in Perth. As your roof grows old, the probability of developing problems increases. However, how you address roof problems can determine the future and fate of the roof system.